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Hello! Welcome to the FHARGA website.

FHARGA venues in the Langenhoven Student Centre (Neelsie) are open 24/7. Please read and honor the rules set in the General Code of Conduct below.

Please use the navigation on the left or the index on the right for help getting setup in the FHARGA environment, getting help or simply for a quick reference to some frequently asked questions.

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FHARGA general info

General Code of Conduct:

Dear Student: We heavily rely on your self-discipline and cooperation and will appreciate your support in keeping the computer user areas safe, clean, secure and conducive to teaching and learning. The code of conduct as it applies to computer user areas stems from several University policy documents that includes but is not limited to the Electronic Communications Policy and the Disciplinary code for Students as well as current law.

  • Access to the CUA may only be gained with your own staff/student card. Your student card must always be available for positive identification and you need to be able to produce your staff/student card on reqeust by a staff member.

  • Cellphones must be switched off at all times while in the CUA.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the CUA.

  • Conduct should be orderly and calm at all times.

  • No equipment may be set up, connected to or removed from the CUA without prior approval of the CUA manager.

  • Please note: If you do not comply with any or all of the conditions above, we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the venue and revoke your access to FHARGA.

What is FHARGA?

FHARGA is the Computer User Area (CUA) for the Economics and Management Sciences Faculty.

What does FHARGA stand for?

FHARGA is the Afrikaans acronym for the old name of the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences Computer User Area (FEMSCUA)

FHA (Fakulteit Handel en Administrasie) R (Rekenaar) G (Gebruikers) A (Area) (1925 - 1995)

Where is FHARGA?

FHARGA is distributed accross 4 buildings:

  • Jan Mouton Learning Sentre building 4 CUAs
  • Langenhoven Student Centre (NEELSIE) 5 CUAs
  • Van der Sterr building 4 CUAs
  • Mathematics and Industrial Psycology 1 CUA.


Jan Mouton Learning Centre:

Room 1010 - 137 Seats

Room 1011 - 137 Seats

Room 1015 - 137 Seats

Room 1017 - 137 Seats

Langenhoven Student Centre:

Room E01.1 - 160 Seats

Room E01.2 - 128 Seats

Room E02.1 - 30 Seats

Room E02.2 - 30 Seats

Room E24 (Learning commons) - 104 Seats

Mathematical Sciences and Industrial Psychology:

Room 2001A - Dedicated postgraduate facility Industrial Psychology - 20 Seats

Van Der Sterr Building:

Room 2049 - Dedicated BLOOMBERG facility - 10 Seats

Room 2055 - Dedicated postgraduate facility Logistics - 20 Seats

Room 3051 - 53 Seats

Room 3054 - Dedicated postgraduate facility for Economics - 53 Seats

Room 3054a - Dedicated postgraduate facility Bussiness management - 32 Assigned Seats

Room 3046 - Dedicated postgraduate facility Logistics - 30 Seats

Room 3050 - Dedicated postgraduate facility Logistics - Assigned Seats

Where to get Help - FHARGA Service Desk

If you need help with any FHARGA related issues, please log a call on the FHARGA Service Desk

Below are some useful links and a description of where it goes.

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