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Technology Registration for New Students

Welcome to technology registration for new students! When successfully completed you will have access to all your study material and the communication platforms necessary to survive as student.

You cannot proceed before you have completed your ACADEMIC Registration. Click here for information on how to complete your academic registration and return to this page to continue.

Please follow all steps below. Sections marked with a * are compulsory, and neglecting to complete them will result in issues down the line.

LASTLY: Make sure you do not skip following and/or attending welcoming program events. Click the following link Welcoming program for new Economics and Management Sciences students to view or download the document. This is a critical part of your self-learning journey to prepare yourself properly for the academic challenges of your first year.

Step 1 - Change your Password*

In this section you will change your password. If you think you have already done this, please read through this section and make sure you have completed every step.

Please note: Even though the current requirement for password length is only 8 characters we strongly advise that you use passords with of least 14 characters. The requirement will change to a minimum of 14 characters soon.

If you have your username (student number) and a working password, proceed to STEP 3 or click here to change your password.

If you’ve forgotten, lost or haven’t received these credentials. You can proceed to STEP 2 and retrieve them if your cell phone number is correct on our system. (See STEP 6.3 on how to change your personal information)

Step 2 - Do not have a Password

If you do not have a password, or have forgotten your password.

  1. Go to
  2. In Password Management, click on “Forgot Password?”
  3. Verify that you are not a robot (click in the block), then "Continue".
  4. Enter your student number and click “Proceed”
  5. Select the most accessible option from the list; sms or email (an OTP will be sent to you) - follow the instructions. (See STEP 6.3 on how to change your personal information)
  6. When asked, create a new password with letters, numbers, symbols and more than 8 characters.
  7. Go to Step 4

Step 3 - Change Password*

If you have used your password up to now, you have to synchronise it through all our systems for it work everywhere.

  1. Go to
  2. In Password Management, click on “Change current password?”
  3. Sign in on the University's Single Sign-On platform with your current password.
  4. Read the compliency rules.
  5. Type your current password.
  6. Create a new password with letters, numbers, symbols and more than 8 characters, then click on "Submit".
  7. Go to Step 4

Setup your Wifi

If you need to setup your wifi on campus, please click here, then return to continue with Step 4.

Step 4 - Setup Multifactor Authentication (MFA)*

What is MFA?
MFA is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to a resource such as an application, online account, or a SecureVPN.


Watch this video or visit this website for more information on MFA.


  1. To setup your MFA, visit - use your full email address, i.e. 12345678 @, and new password.
  2. More information required - click on Next.
  3. IMPORTANT - In Step 1: How should we contact you? - Choose Mobile App. Click on Set up.
    NOTE - If you do not have a smartphone, please choose SMS. When chosing SMS, make sure the university have your correct cell phone number. Correct it here AND here
  4. Setup your Microsoft Authenticator App by following the instructions prompted on the screen.
    For the Google Playstore click here
    For the AppStore click here
  5. Open the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone.
  6. Select OK on Data Privacy.
  7. Select SCAN QR CODE
  8. Scan the QR code displaying on your desktop. Your account will then show on the authenticator app on your mobile device.
  9. Return to your desktop and click Next.
  10. The Set-up option will now be greyed out. Click on Next.
  11. The system will send you a notification to your mobile device. Tap APPROVE on the notification.
  12. As soon as you click on APPROVE you will be asked to add your mobile device phone number. We strongly suggest adding your mobile device phone number to act as a backup if you are unable to access or use the mobile App for any reason.
  13. Click on Done.
  14. Click on No when asked to Stay signed in.
  15. Once you return to where you have started, you can close your browser.
  16. You are now enrolled for Multi Factor Authentication via the authenticator application.
  17. If you have a student card proceed to STEP 5 otherwise proceed to STEP 6


If not prompted - Setup MFA here - use your full email address, i.e. 12345678 @, and new password.

How to use MFA? - Navigate to this document

Find general information on MFA here and here

For third party software users - i.e. Linux or Apple users, please click here for instructions.

Step 5 - Load Print Money against your student account (Service available until September of each year) (optional)

Only if you want to print on campus.

Only possible if you have a valid student card in your possession

Student Cards

Student cards are available, after you have registered as a student, at the Neelsie from 23 January - 13 February 2024. Please ask your mentor when it's your turn to go to the Neelsie to get your card.

Once you have registered as student and collected your student card click here to again log on to SunStudent.

  1. On the left side of the screen select 'Requests'.
  2. Click on 'All Requests' in the opened window.

  3. In the 'All Requests' tab the previously raised service requests can be viewed in the top half of the screen.

  4. For a new service request, click on 'Raise Request' button.
  5. In the pop-up window, click on 'Printing Quota'.

  6. Select 'Printing Services' in the 'Request Category' field.

  7. Enter an 'Amount' for printing services.
  8. Click on 'Upload & Submit'.
  9. In the additional screen that opens, click on 'Save'. 

  10. A successful service request for printing will reflect on student account.

  11. Proceed to STEP 6

(See FAQ on "How to Print?")

Step 6 - My.SUN Guide*

Only for First Years

Go to or double click the My.SUN icon on the desktop - This is the portal of the University – SIGN IN ON

  1. Viewing Class Timetables in My.SUN

    • Click on Undergraduate
    • Click on STUDIES
    • Click on Class Timetable (First Years) Timetable
    • Your Timetable will be available from the Thursday before your classes start.
    • Group allocations are final as seats are limited and cannot be swapped around as it affects your second semester timetable.
    • EDP students will receive their timetables from/at their corresponding faculties.
  2. Accessing SU Email in My.SUN

    • Click on Undergraduate
    • Click on GENERAL
    • Click on Web E-mail, then click OUTLOOK CLOUD EMAIL (OFFICE 365) or
    • Go directly to Office365 Cloud at

    FREE Microsoft Office

    As a student, you get free installations of Microsoft Office 365 for your pc or tablet. Login to Login with your email address ( and password and click install – this requires an internet connection.

  3. Change Personal Information* in My.SUN

    • Click on Undergraduate
    • Click on Personal Information
    • Select Change Information if your cell phone number, address or email has changed. Make sure all the fields are filled in and accept changes.
    • Having this info up to date assists with password changes and for the University to be in contact with you.


    It is very important that the University has your correct cell phone number.

Step 7 - Technology Survey*

Please complete the following questions regarding your personal electronic devices and internet connectivity. This information is of key importance to the university especially in times of lockdown when students have to work from home on their own devices. This data will help your faculty’s management to better understand the various needs of our students so that we can prepare and provide the necessary support to the best of our abilities. The data will not be provided outside the university and it is collected anonymously, thus your responses cannot be connected back to you as an individual.

  • Please click here to complete the survey.
  • Sign in with your entire e-mail address and your current/newly chosen password.

Step 8 - SUNLearn*

Open SUNLearn in Google Chrome

What is SUNLearn?

It is the platform on which most lecturers will communicate any electronic material or online activities that is available for the respective modules. The purpose of this session is to give you a brief introduction to the platform. Please follow the instructions below to complete this activity.
  1. In the address bar of your browser type: or click here or you can navigate via My.SUN

    • Click on Undergraduate
    • Click on STUDIES
    • Click on SUNLearn
  2. Once the SUNLearn page appears you click on “Log in” to sign on.

    • To log in, select the username textbox and type in your student number.
    • Then select the password textbox and type in your university password. Remember this password is case sensitive.
    • Next click on the “Sign in” button
  3. Next, you must read and accept the policy agreement. (This is a once off action)

  4. Once you are logged in a list of all the modules for which you are registered will appear.

  5. When you have completed all the activities you need to log out from SUNLearn. * In the right-hand corner of the screen next to your name click on the arrow and select “Log out” from the drop-down list that appears.

    • Then close the browser and continue.

Step 9 - Install MS Teams*

  1. Log onto
  2. Use your full email address, and your current password.
  3. Find the button (top right) "Install Office"
  4. Install the entire office suite for your particular operating system and your smart phone or tablet. (note!! do not install Skype for Business.)

Step 10 - Apps to download

  1. Interactive campus map - Google Play or Apple iStore
  2. Microsoft Authenticator - Google Play or Apple iStore
  3. Link to the campus map -

Step 11 - Click here go to the FHARGA technology website and familiarise yourselves with the General Code of Conduct: *

Last update: 2024-02-09
Created: 2024-02-09